Our Story

Three and a half decades ago, Tamales Moreno sprouted from the most humble of roots. Jesus and Olivia, striving to nourish their three children, embarked on a culinary venture. With Jesus meticulously sourcing ingredients, albeit with little initial knowledge, and Olivia gleaning tamale recipes from relatives, they initiated their journey with just 3-5 pounds of masa. Every ounce of their proceeds was reinvested into crafting more tamales.

Every Sunday, rain or shine, snow or scorching heat, Jesus could be found selling 15-20 dozen tamales from the trunk of his car outside Denver's well-known “Iglesia de Guadalupe” from 5am until 1pm.

During the weekdays, the couple traversed neighborhoods and commercial districts with coolers filled with freshly-cooked tamales. Knocking on doors and engaging with businesses, they spread the joy of their culinary delights, building a customer base that eagerly anticipated their delicious offerings.

Our story

A dream come to life.

Jesus often expressed his astonishment at the daily demand for his tamales. He had initially believed that tamales, steeped in tradition as a Christmas staple, would only attract attention during the festive season. Nonetheless, the consistent popularity of Tamales Moreno proved that the appetite for their authentic taste was not confined to just the holidays.

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Our Tamales

Our two locations persist in producing freshly steamed tamales throughout the day for everyone’s delight. Olivia still plays an integral role, actively participating in the tamale-making process and ensuring each one is crafted and cooked to perfection. While we sadly lost Jesus during the COVID pandemic, Olivia and their daughter tirelessly continue his legacy. They are dedicated to offering not only fresh and delicious tamales but also maintaining the high quality of all the other items on the menu, honoring the foundation that Jesus laid and the passion he infused into Tamales Moreno.

Arvada Location

Lakewood Location

About us

Our Goal

Since day one our goal has been very simple, to continue to provide quality food at amazing prices and service our community. We’re currently working towards

Expanding our Lakewood location that can offer more kitchen space and dine-in options for our customers

 Working to offer our breakfast burritos and tamales to local convenience stores and grocery stores

To thank each and every one of our customers for their loyalty and business.

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Best of Colorado

Thank you to Westword for awarding us with one of Colorado's best tamale!